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Fire Protection

Westwood Fire Department serves the Westwood Ca area. We have one paid full time Fire Chief and one full time Firefighter along with multiple Volunteer Firefighters that aid us on every call out. We are located at 206 Third Street Westwood Ca.

Public Safety Message: Please ready your homes and property for this coming dry summer. This year looks like we have the potential for another high hazard fire season, you can help by maintaining your property free from pine needles, leaves and weeds, especialy along your portion of the  back alley, around your home or wood fences. Dont forget to remove vegitation on roof's or gutters.

Fire Safety Tips: 

  • Prepair home and property early (before fire season)
  • It's always safer to remove debris piles rather then burning them
  • If you are going to burn do not use gasoline to ignite burn pile.



If you have Covid-19 symptoms, please dial "911" and notify our dispatcher of your symptoms, and they will advise you what to do next.

If you have any questions about COVID-19 click the link below

Most Current Lassen County Covid-19 Information (click here)


Current Burn Restrictions: Updated May 6, 2023


Starting May 1, 2023 burn permits will be required for the burning of only natural vegitation that has accumulated on that property. ( Moving vegitation from one property to another to burn is not permissable )

Permits can be obtained online (click here) or at the Westwood Fire Department 206 Third St and also at the Westwood community Service district 319 Ash St. during normal buisness hours. You will be required to show permit.

Person must be in attendance at all times with shovel and water supply( Properties without water sources are not permitted to burn without approval from the Fire Chief. )

No more then one debris pile burning at once, on residential Westwood lots

You may be asked to extinguish your burn pile if it is wet or causing a large smoke hindrance.

4 foot by 4 foot max pile size nothing but natural debris that origenated from that property, no construction lumber or trash. No burn barrels

Cooking / Warming Fires

Small 2'x 2' warming and cooking fires with proper burning material , and that are monitored at all times by an adult are permitted. No burning trash,pine needles, leaves or yard waste



May contain: abies, plant, tree, and fir


Online Burning Permits (click here to apply)

Or you can stop by our offices at 319 ASH st or 206 Third St.

Want to become a Volunteer firefighter? The Westwood Fire Department is mostly volunteer based, we are always looking for assistance, if you are interested you can fill out an application! (click here for application to be a volunteer firefighter)

or you can email us an intrest letter to   

Contact us:

Westwood Fire Department:

Call 530-256-3589 or

Email us at

Ambulabce Service Information

SEMSA EMS (click here for our local ambulance and medical air craft provider)


Check back at a later date for more up to date information regarding the Westwood FIre Department, burn status, and public safety messages.