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About Us

Westwood Community Service District was formed in 1971 after the town was transformed from a mill owned company town, to private residence. This is when the district began the long slow process of rehabilitating older antiquated systems into more modern and functional systems. We currently oversee the towns water distribution system, wastewater system, town park, Westwood Beach, as well as street lights.

Water- All of our water is fed from an underground spring, known as Walker Spring. The spring produces approximately 18,000 gallons per minute (G.P.M), of which the District has the water rights to 2,000 G.PM. The water is fed from the spring into a vault where it is then pumped, roughly five miles, to a 500,000 gallon storage tank above town. The water is then gravity fed via undergrown main lines to residence's water boxes. Each water box consist of a shutoff valve, meter, register, radio, and antenna. The meter spins and gives the register current flow rates as well as total flow rates. These numbers are then transmitted via radio to the shop, where they are placed in billing.

Wastewater- Our waste water system consist of 3 lift stations, miles of underground piping, 4 evaporation ponds, and a head-works station which monitors wastewater volume. Our 3 lift stations are located in low spots that collect waste water in vaults, before being pumped to a location in which they can gravity feed the rest of the way into our storage ponds. Once the wastewater  makes through the head-works it goes into the first holding pond. Here most of the solids settle out and begin breaking down. Water then flows over weir boards into the second pond, where it is left to evaporate. The third and fourth ponds are used for emergency storage. The ponds are all clay lined and there are three monitoring wells surrounding the ponds. These wells are routinely monitored to ensure no waste water is entering any nearby ground water.

Park- The District manages and maintains the Westwood park, although the ground is actually owned by the Westwood Unified School District. it consists of a wooded picnic area, basketball courts, tennis courts, tee-ball field, little league field, softball field, playground area, and a large grassy field. The park is pet friendly, although we do ask that you clean up after them.

Westwood Beach- Located approximately 7 miles from Westwood on highway 147, on the East Shore of Lake Almanor is Westwood beach. It is one of the only public access points on the steep banks of the East Shore. There is a small turnout on the highway for low clearance vehicles, and there is a steep driveway that leads to more parking for vehicles with better clearance. During busy summer months there is a portable bathroom facility, as well as trash can placed near beach for public use. There is no paved boat launch, and no driving to the waters edge, but decent access for kayaks, canoes and other smaller vessels that can be carried by hand.

Street Lights- The town street lights are paid for by the District, but are maintained by Lassen Municipal Utilities District (LMUD).